#337- Tourist style

Found this gem of a place after my appointment at Simplistique! It’s really quite scenic considering it’s in the CBD area

Anyway, SIMPLISTIQUE is a life saver! I first found out about Simplistique from Chloe Choo’s insta. I’ve always been apprehensive to go for laser treatment but my acne mark situation is really getting out of hand =(

Yes, to be very honest, I had terrible skin since Feb this year. Like acne will just pop like free and my confidence really drop like coconut. Imagine you had flawless complexion then suddenly your face your breakout like crazy!?

But anyway the acne situation is under control now and all that’s left are the acne marks, which will take forever to clear if not for laser treatment.

I’ll probably do up a post on Simplistique when my complexion is 95% restored but for now, after just 3 sessions, my acnes have stopped and my marks are clearing very quickly! So fingers crossed and hopefully they’ll be gone by the end of my package! Not forgetting that Dr Tan is one of the best doctor I’ve had weeee~

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