#336- Love For Blue

You know there’s this saying- if you keep thinking about it, it’ll eventually happen? Sooooo

I saw my friend’s insta post yesterday w a perfect blue brick wall and that’s kind of what I thought about the whole day- “If only I can find a dark blue wall”. And then bam! I literally randomly spotted a blue wall peeking out of an alley on my way to the station.

Best part is, the whole alley is full of colored walls ! It was Genuine Happiness for the day I tell ya haha

Ok that’s my cheap thrill of the day haha.

Anyway, just a tip for all-white ootd shots. It helps if you take it against a monochrome background to make your outfit pop. A brightly decorated wall e.g. a graffiti wall, wouldn’t do well because there’s so many color, it distracts the viewers from your outfit. There are other ways to bring attention to your outfit- examples of backgrounds that work

1. Colored walls

A photo posted by @happy.waffle on Jul 13, 2015 at 3:41pm PDT

2. Amongst greenery

A photo posted by Larva Showroom (@larvawoman) on Jul 13, 2015 at 1:36pm PDT

3. Skyscape

A photo posted by Ana Letícia (@anitabemcriada) on Jul 13, 2015 at 12:42pm PDT

4. Or if your outfit has unique cutout patterns, do it against a white background


A photo posted by ModCarpet (@modcarpet) on Jul 13, 2015 at 10:50pm PDT

And also when you’re wearing all-white, make sure you play with textures or minimal prints or even unique designs like cut-outs so that it’s not too boring.
I’m not too big a fan of accessorising but I’d make sure my headgear, shoes and bags matches the feel of the outfit and not overpower it.

In fact I don’t think I own too many accessories, maybe trinkets like arm candies and shades. To me, accessories are there to enhance the vibe or feel of your outfit. Technically if you strip off the accessories, your outfit should still look put-together.

I’ve always thought it’s lazy styling when people just anyhow wear a dress and pair it with a “statement” necklace and call it “styling”. #stylingpetpeeve

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