#334- I bring the sexy back

I actually bought this romper a few months back from Runway Bandits but never wore it out because I kept thinking I don’t have the proper bra for it because it’s BAREBACk

and it’s not visually pleasing to see the bra band. Yes I get annoyed when I see girls wear a bare back dress and their bra shows. Worst is when the bra is some ugly color, like nude or off-white *shudders*

And then that day I’m just like, “f**k it, I’m gonna use Nipple stix” (LOL)
that’s one of the perks of having a B-cup and below; you can use nipple stix and stick-on bras without worrying that you don’t have enough support.

Lesson of the day- No matter big or small, embrace your boobies.

Another secret….there was this period my stick-on bra finally caved and I ran out of nipple stix….I used band-aids instead! (LOL!!) Hey this is a fashion life hack ok! You have to agree with me that it’s a good one too.

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