#333- Boufe’d

Following all the hype on this new cafe, Boufe, I went on a brunch date with pretty mama Jeslyn!

First of all, don’t make the same mistake as us and just take a cab into Pheonix Park please. The 2 of us met in town and took a bus that’s like 10mins away from Pheonix Park. And when you reached Pheonic Park, you still have to walk about 5 mins to get to the cafe. Not funny when we could potentially get a heat stroke in this mad weather!

Imagine our relief when we finally saw the monochromatic building with the iconic ‘B’ signboard.

We ordered Eggs Benedict and Eggs Florentine respectively. I’m no food critic but in all honest opinion, the food is pretty average. Not bad, but also not that fantastic to worth the trip (in fact my brioche was a bit dry?). Not being biased but comparing this to Pacamara, they have almost similar ambience but Pacamara has wayyyyyyyyyyy better food; plus it’s much more accessible.

Food aside, my blog is a fashion blog, not a food blog so of course you’ll expect loads of OOTDs pictures! Thanks Jeslyn for being such a spontaneous model and photographer. The weather was crazy but we spent a good 1 hr shooting around the area

No I’m not having a narcissistic moment, here’s our combined shots!

it’s always more fun to have someone else on a photoshoot.

That’s why I’m considering to look for fashion enthusiast who would like to collaborate on styled shoots! I have a few styling post in mind but to do it my own but it will be super time consuming. Should I go ahead with this idea?

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