#331- Gold Class

Nothing much happened today, except that le bf and I FINALLY WATCHED JURASSIC WORLD IN GOLD CLASS!

It’s the first time in my life to watch a movie in Gold Class. And honestly, it’s an experience that I wouldn’t bother trying again (LOL!)

Why? I mean besides the menu and ultra comfy seats, there’s nothing really special about it isn’t it? I’m the kind of movie goer that prefer to snuggle up with my date or be within audible range with my friends but the distance between the 2 seats in Gold Class prevents that. And if you want alcohol…well sometimes my friends and I do smuggle our own alcohol in ANYWAY (opps)

And on Jurassic World; I found the Jurassic Park movies better somehow. Found the plot and element all over the place. Like why suddenly the boy is crying over the fact that his parents are divorcing when there wasn’t any sign of it at the start!? And the supposedly past-date relationship didn’t seem very convincing also and suddenly they’re kissing at the end (huh!?) and the all famous “how did she outrun a T-Rex in heels” I want that pair of heels if they really exist seriously. Overall, didn’t feel the movie had much impact nor was it memorable.

I mean the old Jurassic movies, we all remember the portable toilet scene and the half-eaten lamb flung onto the truck scene right? and also the raptors-in-the-kitchen scene. And those movies were like 10 years ago? Not that I’m some pro film-maker but it’s possible that movies these days kind of lack the emotional factor. They have all the big guns and tech but they forgot the emotional touch to a movie. I’m not saying the teary kind of emotions. But the happy, the fear, the anger etc. I know the horror movies are doing well in that now, like instead of using scare factors, they use scenes and camera angles to keep you at the edge of your seat; you;re genuinely scared shitless.

I don’t know, what do you think?

Anyway somehow many are a fan of this outfit (based on insta likes and comments). I swear it’s just the hat and shades LOL


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