#330- Setting Up

So it’s about 4 days since I left my job but instead of resting, I’m all ready to embark on a new journey. Part of the reason is because I’m afraid if I slack too long I’ll become lazy. Even now, I’m trying to wake up around the same timing as I did when I work and “start work” at the same timing.

For today, I finally went about setting up my portfolio website to post all my editorial and graphics work. A pity that I didn’t manage to save all my graphic works because there was so much! Guess I have to rummage my old hard disk for my previous work too.

But anyway, spent the day at Pacamara. And boy can I say they have the best french toast ever!? I usually don’t order french toast but my friends had been raving about it so I caved today. Had my first bite and I wanted to cry…because it’s so darn good! Salted caramel sauce with granola and banana atop crispy fluffy french toast. omg totally thinking bout it again.

Sorry no pictures because I’m not conditioned to take pictures of my food before eating :P

Yimin met me in the evening for dinner. Was talking to her about preparation for S24 and about a certain team mate. All I can say is, at this age, shouldn’t people have a basic sense of responsibility and accountability to make decisions!? Especially when you had to account for 23 other people?

Many times in life we are presented with enticing options. Some people may make choices that favour themselves more in a heartbeat. I have to admit I often get disappointed and upset with people who are like that because I’m the other kind of people, the ones that consider the consequences and how my decisions will affect the other parties. I guess that’s life?

Oh wells.

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