#328- Duo-tones

HEADBAND: Paisley Banadana by Purplow- Power pack girl’s crew who danced for Jay park
DRESS: Duo toned shirt dress from Shop everyday people
SHOES: Nike Huarache

This is probably one of my favourite buys from shopeverydaypeople ever!

The convenience of a shirt dress is that you’ll look effortlessly chic and put together no matter what. And shirt dresses are so versatile in style that you just have to match it with different shoes and accessories to give it a different vibe.

I look like I’m advertising the milk tea here =P

Anyway this is my favourite milk tea ever! Reminds me of Taiwan, just the right amount of sweetness and milkiness *mm-hmmm*. By the way, I tried the Pokka Milk Tea ONCE…it was also my last (haha) One of my friend is always drinking that and I always wondered how it’s like.

*note* My friend drinks caramel milk tea at 120% (crazy!?) So anyway one day I walked into 7-11 and they ran out of my Taiwan milk tea. So I bought the Pokka one. By god, I swore I felt like I could get diabetes from the first sip (no wonder my friend loved it). Also, not a fan of overpowering taste of tea.

So yes guys, go drink this Taiwan milk tea instead!

And today I realised I could actually tie my hair by braiding. That means it’s time for a trim.

Yes I’m really loving my hair short now! If I can, i would go pixie…

But le boyfriend forbids (sighs) so yes, I’m staying with this length for awhile!

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