#324- Going Digital

TOP: White Flare Tank Top
BOTTOM: Distressed Jeans from Taiwan
SHOES: Navy Mary Jane Heel from Emoda
HAT: Bucket Hat from Stussy

Not the best photo or post-processing, I blame it one bad lighting (hurhur). But anyway took off today because my body really needed the rest from the hellish week I had. Woke up at 12pm still feeling lethargic.

Met up with Foong and Jocelyn for lunch and chill out *coughsGossipCoughs* session; and me subsequently doing some freelance work.

Coincidentally Foong and I were OOTD-coordinated ! See guys this is how you work denim~

 Anyway, I love it when friends are super ‘on’ about impromptu meet-ups; like you don’t have to specially set an auspicious date where by some miracle the planets align and you’re both super free. Gone were the days where we could do that, seems like as we grow older we become too busy to even catch up over coffee :(

“candid” shot by Foong

So, as I mentioned I’m doing some freelance work. Got a job to do EDMs, which includes designing and coding the template on top of drafting them!? I’ve done basic coding before but this is definitely a first. Thank god for Google. So now, I can do copywriting, designing, and coding 101; on top of the many other things I can do  #multitalented (just kidding)

At this point, I’m really considering a career switch, but towards what, I’m still deciding. Meanwhile, challenge me and throw me some freelance projects!

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