Her World Plus Street Style Awards

I haven’t gone around blogging about this but guys!

I’m one of the finalist for Her World Plus StreetStyle Awards!! *throws confetti*

(Watch the behind the scene footages!)

Honestly I wasn’t expecting to get selected this year, cos I also didn’t get it last year lol. So when I received their email I was really shocked. Like WOAH, REALLY!? For REAL!?

It’s also because of this that kindda triggered me to start blogging again. lol

For this I’m wearing the Tulle skirt and V-neck printed shirt from Aforarcade. Paired it with this strapped heels sponsored by ALDO!

Of course, there is a segment for popularity voting too. I’m not really the kind to pull votes so I wouldn’t force you guys la but if you REALLY like my outfit or if you really like to vote for me, click on the link HERE!

You’ll stand to win a Staycation at Hotel Clover by the way! Just saying~

All the finalist have pretty strong styles this year, especially the boys!  I especially love Melvin Lee’s outfit, so different and interesting! Loving Olivia’s outfit too. Do click on the link to check out their looks too :)

Voting closes on 21st Jun! Go vote and win the staycation kk!



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