#311- Next level selfie-tography

TOP: Python Print Oversized Tee
BOTTOM: Black Box Pleat Skirt
SHOES: New Balance 996 (and check out my cute robot socks!)

So I found a new place to take my ootd shots because the blank wall is getting a bit boring ain’t it lol. Can’t believe I didn’t thought of this place until today

And if you haven’t realised already, all my shots are taken using SELF-TIMER. Can I claim to be the one of the best self-tographer in Singapore? Haha.

Honestly I feel more comfortable taking my own shots because I know my best angles and I don’t have to feel bad when I need repeated shots taken. Of course this comes with practise. If you do this everyday for a year, I’m sure you can be as good too!

Of course it helps too when you good with post-processing.

Or maybe I should do a post on “The Art of Selfie-tography” huh?


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