Waack x Vogue x Fashion

Here’s a clip of my practise video yesterday…


This is style of dance is called “Waacking’, and i’m actually experimenting with ‘vogueing’ too.

Did you know that Vogueing is a dance inspired by fashion models? That’s why it’s more posey, and hence the name “Vogue”, like i.e. the magazine.

As for waacking, it goes way back to the 60s, the disco era. The dance emulates the divas of that era, that’s why this dance speaks a lot of character. Butb y now, because of how music evolved, the dance style has also changed and most dancers are becoming more fancy with their moves.

It’s just so happened that these 2 styles are so closely related to fashion; dancers would go to Studio 54 to party and dance (the hottest club in NYC back then where all the A-list fashionistas go to, including YSL and Anna Wintour), the dancers are always well dressed etc. So I would say I’m quite lucky the 2 things I’m most passionate are so related ^^.

And by the way, I kindda hope that one day the waacking/vogue scene in Singapore will get to collaborate with the local fashion scene. Whether it’s a runway show or collection launch, it’ll be interesting, no? Watch this then!


Hire us next time please =X haha

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