#305; Feminine x Military

(23rd May 2015)
TOP: KISSIMME CAMI in White from Runway Bandits
BOTTOM: Striped pencil skirt
OUTER: Military green oversized blazer
BAG: Striped sandwich-bag clutch from Shopeverydaypeople
SHOES: B/W Nike x Huarache

One of the safest way to pair army-tones is using either black or white. I’d prefer white since it looks softer than black. It’s a different look in contrast to black of course.

One of the recent pairing I saw in VIVI is to pair army-tones with pastel colors. I’ll probably try that out soon once  I get my hands on more military shades!

BTW, I’m loving this NIKE Air x Huaraches because they have the structure of mid-dunks but they’re not too chunky, so it’s does not weight down the length of your legs. I’m aiming for a Adidas Stan Smith / Gazelle now. Yes, different sneakers have different shapes and they match different styles even for girls! I think I should do a guide on sneakers soon. Hmmmm

How would you pair military colors in your outfits? Share your ootd in the comment section!


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