Best of #CNYOOTD 2015


The thing I love about Chinese New Year besides the Ang Baos is the array of #cnyootd ! Somehow on these days everybody will dress to the nines, and you see how creative people can get with their outfits

Personally I avoid buying cheongsam or cheongsam- inspired clothes during CNY. Why?

1) Besides CNY, what occasion do you have to wear your cheongsam again?

2) You’re literally going to wear it only ONCE because when the next CNY comes, you’ll buy new clothes right. Who wears last year’s CNY clothes for CNY visiting?

3) Actually you can just wear your cheongsam. But most Singaporeans are super judgemental and stereotypical; you wouldn’t dare to wear it out after CNY unless you don’t care what people think. (i.e. the inevitable “wa still in CNY mood ah?”)

My advice is, if you really want to get into the CNY mood, play with seasonal colors, prints and textures. To help you with this, I’ve gone through #cnyootd on Instagram and found some awesome CNY outfits to inspire your outfits for the remaining of CNY’15 and possibly next year!

*All images credits to the owners of the instagram accounts featured. For outfit details, check out their respective IG accounts.

It’s All About The Lace…and Tulles

Nothing screams “Feminine” more than these 2 materials.

Some lace patterns give the illusion of oriental prints; plus points when you get them in red hues for the festive period. What’s more lace dresses makes a subtly sexy dress for a date

Totally loving this dress!! Anyone knows where I can get this?

Subtle lace pattern on the bodice with this cute jumpsuit. I see so much matching potential with this piece

Tulle is not a material you’ll wear any day so CNY is a perfect excuse to go all extravagant with the poof! If red is too loud for you, you can try out soft spring colors like the Pastel palette; think soft pink, blue and purple. That way you can wear your tulle skirts/dresses for other occasions like a brunch date with your girl friends.

This dress is made by Sarah herself! #sotalented. Do check out her portfolio at!


Duh of course must feature myself haha! Got this skirt from @lovemynt on IG. The skirts are customisable so you can get them in any length, color and it’ll fit you perfectly

Go Wild With Prints

As the S/S season comes, it’s time for the prints to come of course! The great thing about prints is they are naturally eye-catching. So if you got it in a dress, you don’t have to put too much thought into your accessories. If you got it as a separate, just pair it effortlessly with a basic so you don’t look like a walking confetti bomb.


Image credit: heymaymay. Once you have prints on, it looks fine to wear black. Print adds colors what (ok can)


Image credit: @sweetambush. Dress is from @runwaybandits. I always love how their clothes are simple and versatile. Too bad this is no longer available in size S T_T

Floral Bloom

If loud prints is not your thing, go for a floral prints. At least it will carry you all the way through the year until the weather starts turning chilly again; Florals are in for spring, in for summer and hot months.



Image credit: @goobeedoo

And suddenly it’s totally acceptable to wear dark colors on CNY as long as your floral game is strong.

Image credit: @sweetambush

And yes, you still can look sophisticated in floral prints when you get them in the right pieces. “New Look” length dress is a timeless design (seen on Sophia and Ashley). Shorter bustier frocks will look more mature if you get them in a darker base; remember to pair with the right shoes. Dresses with simple shapes looks better with big floral prints as the prints will help soften the lines of the dress.

Experiment With Colors

Just because it’s CNY doesn’t mean you have to be in Red.

Green is also a lucky color you know!

Of course go for any bright colors in your arsenal too!

Mix ‘n’ Match

I adore separates because you can always match them with something else in your wardrobe to create another look. And these girls are working some awesome combi with their separates…

Outfit Highlight: The baby blue lace off shoulder  // You can also match it with: Pencil skirt, for a more sophisticated look

Outfit Highlight: The Rose top // You can also match it with: Black midi skirt and black pointed heels. Create an up-do with your hair and you’re on a modern twist for a vintage look :)


Love these 2 pieces! // Top: Pair it with denim jeans and loafer heels for a relaxed mannish look // Skirt: because of its simplicity, you can match it with several types of tops. But for something more unique, try a patterned off-shoulder top.


Outfit highlight: The red peplum top of course // You can also style it with: A patterned midi skirt. Yes it’ll go over the peplum but this creates a different look for the top, doesn’t it?

Dare To Be Different

Although there were so many girly outfits on #cnyootd, I spotted a few who stood out because of their unique style…

The Street Kid; as Pei Zhen said it herself, #ibelongtothestreet


Image credit: @shijiaoreo. Saw this kind of style featured in Vivi a few times and I thought it’s pretty cute!


This is quirky in a cute way; the socks adds a pop of color to the otherwise monochrome outfit #stockuponcutesocks


And of course I have a weakness for preppy outfits


So here you go!  9 more days before CNY officially ends. Hope these looks gave you more ideas for the rest of CNY, have fun styling!



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