This is How You Can Look Good in ANYTHING You Wear

Hey I’m finally getting down to writing! So start off, we’re going for something basic.

You know how some girls seem to be effortlessly stylish? I’m not just talking about those stick-thin skinny girls; but those plus size girls too. So how!? Well the answer is simple, they just understand their body.

bodytype01 Tall, short, petite, plus-sized; they all made it work~

When you know your body shape/type, you’ll be able to make adjustments to hide the flaws and highlight your assets. So yes, you don’t need to starve yourself and become size 0 to look good in clothes; own your body and make clothes work for you.

Now, you want to know what are the different body types and how to style accordingly right? Are you ready? Read on below…!

Step 1:  Identify your your body type. If you’re not sure what’s your body type, head to this site and it’ll calculate it for you!

Step 2: After you find out what’s your body type, read the style tips for your body type below ▾▾

1) Straight

  • bodytype-straightChest & Hips are almost same size, waist is only slightly smaller
  • Flat butt
  • Lower legs are your best asset

Style Tip:

  1. Dress your top and bottom proportionally; if you’re wearing a flare skirt, wear a open-collar top/wider shoulder
  2. Enhance your waist with banded tops, belts. You can even wear outfits that cut-out at your waist; showing some waist-skin helps create the illusion of a more defined waits too
  3. Invest in padded bras too so it’ll add more volume on your upper body, giving an illusion of a smaller waist
  4. Stock up on flare pants, full / tired / bubble skirts to add volume and curves to your hips, giving an illusion of a smaller waist. You can even show some skin around your waist by wearing a cropped top with flare skirt to look like you have a defined waist

2) Pear / Triangle


  • Hips are larger than chest; defined waist that slopes down to hip
  • Slim arms and shoulders
  • Tend to gain weight in the butt and legs, then tummy and upper body

Style Tip:

  1. Enhance and highlight upper body
  2. Wear tops that shows your neckline/shoulder to create an illusion of a wider top
  3. Don’t forget about your waist; wearing high-waisted bottoms makes your waist look smaller and your leg longer, therefore “stretching” the round-look from your full hips.
  4. Create a A-line silhouette; long, “flow-down” lines E.g. Pleated skirts

(I would say this is my body type, that’s why if you’ve been following my ootds, you would realise i wear a lot of high waist and midi skirts. Even my jackets either cuts off near the waistline / shaped to give a look slimmer in the waist.)

Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 9.48.20 pm
Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 10.00.29 pmScreen Shot 2015-02-07 at 10.08.54 pm

3) Spoon

  • bodytype-spoonAlmost similar to Pear, except your waist is SUPER defined; so you look like you have “shelved” hips.
  • You are prone to getting love handles, because even if you gain a bit of fats near your waist, it looks very obvious because of your tiny waist
  • Your legs and arms are your best asset to balance your look

Style Tip:

  1. Put every effort to draw attention to your upper body to balance your full hips.
  2. Invest in padded bras and tops that shows off your neckline, collarbone, shoulders. Possibly go for horizontal stripe on your top to “extend” the width of your upper body
  3. If you’re wearing flare skirts, keep them short. and wear shorts to make your legs look longer
  4. If you’re wearing tight pencil skirts, just match with the right top (see above) to balance your look


4) Hourglass

  • bodytype-hourglassBasically this is the BEST body shape you can have
  • Chest and Hips are well-balanced, waist is obvious. Dang you lucky girls!

Style Tips:

  1. No style tips because seriously, you can wear ANYTHING and it’ll look perfect.
  2. Since you’re blessed with the best body type ever, don’t hide your curves under baggy clothes.






5) Apple


  • Most of your weight accumulates just above the hips; so it looks like your chest and waist are about the same, whilst your hips and below are smaller
  • Since you run smaller measurements from waist down, your best asset is your legs!

Style Tip:

  1. Elongate your torso and create the illusion of a waist.
  2. Wear a lot of open necks, low-cut tops above a good fitted bra so your torso looks longer and the fitted bra centralises your boobs to make your chest area look slimmer.
  3. You can wear long necklaces to “stretch” the length of your torso too.
  4. Belt-off at the smallest part of your waist to make it look like you have a smaller waist and wider hips; so your top and bottom will look proportionate.
  5. Wear comfortably-short bottoms to help enhance the length of your leg so it draws attention away from your upper body.
  6. E.g. Wear a short flare dress with a low neckline


6) Diamond


  • Very narrow chest, full mid-section (undefinded waist), broad hips and thick thigh
  • Shapely lower legs (i.e. calfs) and arms

Style Tip:

  1. Most heavier girls will have this figure; your mission is to widen the width of your upper body (chest and above) so it’ll look balanced to your heavy mid-bottom section.
  2. And of course create your waistline; either using accessories like belts and banded tops, are style your clothes to make your top and body look proportionate and your waist will look smaller
  3. Top: Create fullness in your chest by wearing loud or big prints, padded bras. Don’t be afraid to show off your shoulder and neckline too as they will help your upper body look wider
  4. Bottom:  Go for block colors or simpler-geometrical lined prints to make a lean silhouette and lengthen your lower body. You can even wear pencil skirts that cuts off above the calf as long as you pair it with the right top. Remember your focus is to bring attention to your upper body.


If your body type is not mentioned, don’t worry, just pick the one that best match yours. The main thing about body type dressing is to create a balance between your upper and lower body. So if you have a heavier top, focus on extending your lower body and vice versa.

Do you have other “cheats” for your body shape type? DO share in the comment section



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