Daily Look x Mianbao

Hey I’m finally here to blog! Yes I have been gone for ages because:

1) I’m busy settling into my day job, which was really crazy
2) I have no idea what to do with my blog

I have always wanted to start a fashion blog but I have no idea how to go about it. As in the type of content i want to roll out. I don’t want to just roll out outfits after outfits of what I’m wearing. I want my blog to be informative for everyone. Becase I believe everybody has the ability to dress stylishly, no matter your figure, size etc.

So over the past months, I had been thinking and organizing some of the content I’m going to do and I’m very excited to share with everyone! So do stay tuned to my blog for styling tips! Of course there’s my busy schdule to consider but hey! I’ve got that under control..so ees I PROMISE I’ll do at least 3 entries a week ok!

Also recently, after months of hashtagging all my OOTD, I think my efforts are slowly paying off now i’m starting to get some contacts for collaboration so I’m really excited for my blog :D Speaking of this, LA-based fashion e-store DAILYLOOK had contacted me to do a feature on their Little Black Dresses for the festive season. So here’s my style set using the dresses and accessories on their site!

If you had been following #mianbaoootd on instagram, you would had realise recently I’m into the mannish-style. To me Mannish style is feminizing the male styling pattern. E.g. Structured, tailored looks in the form of dresses, Man outerwear paired with female garments. Also, I’m also a sucker for dresses with unique back detailing. So I chose this dress!

It’s really a simple, basic, structured cut when you look at it from the front. But when you turn around… *low wolf whistle* , it gives a element of surprise doesn’t it. Also I feel this is a safe and functional dress to go partying in because you don’t have to worry your skirt riding up (as in the case of bodycon dresses and skirts) and you still look classy-ly flirty and cute :)

As the dress is really simple, you HAVE to amp up on the accessories. But that doesn’t mean you have pile accessories on yourself like a Christmas tree. ALWAYS choose a focal point in your outfit. In this set, I chose a pair of metallic heels as the style focal point. With a simple dress, you’ll just need a pair of show-stopping heels.

I kept the other accessories simple yet attention-grabbing. A thick wrist cuff will add weight to your bare wrist so you don’t look too plain, and the ring (to be worn on the opposite hand of the wrist cuff) draws subtle attention because of its interesting cut. And last but not least, grab a black clutch with simple gold/silver details to complete your look!

Another alternative of the dress I came across would be the Keepsake Lonely Lover Scuba dress

Get this dress if you prefer a sexier look :)

Yeap, that’s it! Do check out the other LBDs on Daily Look. Hope you’ll have fun picking out your holiday outfits!

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