Nope i’m still here!

Haven’t had time to update my blog this week because i’m just really tired everyday! More so from thursday onwards but i’m still surviving! Although i had to wake up for parade today, at least i woke up without an alarm clock! And really week was really a not bad week! Loads of pictures coming up! with daily updates!


Monday, 21st Jul

Decided to go home for dinner today cos i realise i rarely do that, and my bro is going back to aussie next week! since i haven seen him a lot since he came back, thought it’ll be good that i go home for dinner. In the end he went out with his friends at night to watch Dota Tournament -____- wth! lol

But anyway mom made my favourite century egg porridge! as in i’m not usually a fan of century egg congee, just that one of the best things my mum cook is the congee and it’s the best  in the world. ya better than legit atas chinese restaurant

She soak dried oysters in water and use the water to boil the rice to make the congee so the congee is super flavourful. And because she slow cook the congee for damn long, some of the century egg dissolves into to congee making it even more flavourful and thick!! woots!

Do you know only cantonese style of porridge is this thick consistency? Like teochew porridge etc or al lthe watery kind where u can still see the rice grains. Hate that kind cos i’m out of those people who are lazy to chew their food and prefer thick texture

Also, tried to deep-fry food for the 1st time!



fried wantons! was craving for it cos i was watching masterchef and they were making fried springrolls. wantons and springroll are almost the same thing la ah. but wantons are better because they’re pockets of meat in bite size form!

and here’s my ootd of the day. another lazy dress day :x

2 piece flowy set from Runway Bandits
Shoes: Reptile slip ons from Twoxies


Tuesday. 22 Jul 2014

Met Cheryl for dinner today! he irony was i was tryna eat clean and healthey so i only had kimchi, salmon and black rice for lunch. And dinner was lik

PASTA at kith cafe and CAKES at the fabulous baker boy…l o l…so much for dieting

No pictures from kith cos i was so hungry and i wolfed down the pasta lol

Red velvet cake and white choco raspberry cake. make a guess which one is the red velvet?

Yeap, the dark one.
So disappointing right! i thot red velvet is lik loads of cream cheese frosting and red chocolate cake. but it’s lik i barely tasted the cream cheese!? *sigh*


TOP: flora off shoulder from H&M
BOTTOM: Red pencil skirt from Bangkok ($8 only!!)
SHOES: Horse hair heels


Wednesday, 23 Jul 2014

The start of my goddam-tired days. Cos i had dance at night and have to wake up at 6 the next morning!
So usually by the time i end dance it’ll be around 10+. travel home rch about 11+ close to 12. and after showering and all, i only get to slp at 1 plus 2 X____X

but it’s ok! i love my job and i love dancer so i’m all good~

More ootd pictures today cos xm stayed over last night!

TOP: Was actually my denim dress from H&M
BOTTOM: Gingham midi skirt from The Tinsel Rack
SHOES: Puma suede

ok stopping here for now!

Continuing on tonite for the rest of my week! and i have good news to share!!! weeeee!

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