It’s been a month since i start on my job. And i have to say i’m really thankful to be able to find this job and that my bosses selected me out of a number of candidates. Honestly i do feel a bit of stress but it’s a good stress. In a way i feel i’m not doing enough and that motivates me to wanna do better? Learnt so much from my 2 bosses and i really have a lot respect for them!

Fyi, they’re only a few years my senior but they have achieved so much from scratch! like they’d never worked before so a lot things they had to trial & error. To be able to achieve so much, it’s really remarkable. Just have to say they’re really inspiring people to work with :)

Moving on, OOTD! 32nd unrepeated combi already, slightly impressed by myself too lol!

TOP: Textured cropped jumper from Factorie, Floral bustier from some Blogshop
BOTTOM: Lined skirt from Shopeverydaypeople
SHOES: Grey quiltted slip-ons from Beijing

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