Going all out VIVI style today
I dunno if any of you can tell, my style is mainly inspired from VIVI. on days when i’m too brain dead to think of what to wear, i flip through my magazines to get inspiration on what to wear, provided that my wardrobe has almost similar pieces!

TOP: White blouse, denim bustier from The Tinsel Rack
BOTTOM: White carousel skirt from The Tinsel Rack
SHOES: “horse hair” Heels with lace socks

And if u realise i’m not big on accessories. Again, inspired by vivi, i rather use clothes and layering to come up with different styles. Accessories is a lazy way to “create a style”. What a piece of accessory should do is help u COMPLETE a look, not MAKE a look. I get a bit turned off when girls jus wear a plain shirt and jeans then throw on a statement necklace and go “im done, that’s my style”.

There’s so much you can do with clothes really!!

Soft make up to match the soft look

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