Another number from The Tinsel Rack

and today i got a little innovative

TOP: Black scoop back top from The Tinsel Rack
BOTTOM: Edited Monroe dress from The Tinsel Rack
SHOES: Horse Hair loafer heels with checked socks

What did i mean when i say i got a little innovative?
Cos you see, the yellow bottoms i’m wearing was originally a dress!

See below!

I wanted a bright colored skirt then i realised i could make use of this! as you can see this dress is fully buttoned.That means i could unbutton the top section of the dress open and fold them down into the skirt and secure the button at the waist to make sure the skirt holds. Also the extra layer from the dress top folded inside gives the skirt an extra oofmp so it looks super puffy lik a lantern skirt but the texture remains light

Smart right! See sometimes u just have to be more innovative with your clothes then you don’t have to spend so much $$ ;)

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