Happy Father’s day!

DRESS: The Tinsel Rack
SHOES: White sandals

Went to Cacio e Pepe for Father’s Day dinner. It’s not bad but i’d still prefer Chicheti at Arab Street
Glad dad likes italian too haha

My dad

– Taught me to walk when i was a baby

– Taught me how to spell ‘white’ using the power ranger tune

– played snoopy treasure hunt around the house with us using the Mcdonald’s snoopy

– Used to tell us bedtime stories of the Ten Brothers, still amazes me how he could think of the different episodes every night

– Taught me to ride a bike

– Taught me Maths with a cane when i was in primary school (tramuatizing though)

– Influence me to love animals by telling me all about them when i was a kid. although i never got to become a zoologist, and never
had a pet that required loads of commitment from me; I grew up with the mentality of wanting to help animal conservation as much as i can. i kindda learnt being compassionate because of this

– The tonnes of general knowledge and random facts he used to throw at us

– Taught me how to bowl

– Taught me how to drink when i was bout 8 (sake & wine, a girl’s gotta know hwo to hold her liquor)

– Taught me how to catch liars

– does not give us whatever we ask for, so we learn to work hard to earn what we want. and even if we did work hard we may not get it all the time. Life lessons 101

– let use grew up listening to greatest bands of all times (Queen, Led Zeppelin, Deep purple) so we didn’t just grew up to pop music

– started to come support me at dance performance even though he didn’t approve me to dance too much at first, but i guess over the years he realise that dance was one thing that was constant in my life and figured i was passionate bout it.

So many things i can write about. of course my dad has flaws and we do get into arguments sometimes but i still think i have one of the best dads in the world already. Thanks dad :)

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