You’re just as rich as you are poor..

If u don’t do any good with your money.

Don’t get me wrong, im totally cool with people being rich and their fancy lifestyle. What i can’t stand is rich people who are snobbish, arrogant, show offs; basically an asshole.

“Well they have right to act lik that, got money ma”
Like no!? your net worth has nothing to do with how u behave, if that person is an asshole, it’s not because he is rich, it is simply because he is an asshole hence acting like one.
I know people around my age who came from rich families but they don’t act like that, in fact they’re really humble  and generous people. Of course i also do know 1 or 2 who flaunt their riches and act like complete asses. To top that off, their “riches” aren’t even theirs to begin with; simply spending their parents $$.

I respect rich kids who (1)earned their own $$  and spend only the money they earn (2) doing good with their $$ instead of getting a branded bag /atas car/vintage watch etc etc.

I always feel that there is no point flaunting the material stuff; i’d be more impressed if u funded a volunteery project in Africa with the 50k u used to buy a Birkin (or whatever it cost, not really sure)

Loads of rich famous people do good with their money but nobody recognize them for that. E.g. there’s the Gates Foundation where Bill Gates donate majority of his assets to charity orgs; Jackie Chan makes a lot of charity contribution and claims that he’ll make sure on his death bed, he’ll had donated all his assets; Audrey Hepburn, the idol of many girls in our generation, regularly travelled to poor third world or developing countries to volunteer.

These are the kind of people and acts we should look up to! Not who has the fanciest car, threw the fanciest party etc.

But bottomline of this post is, if u’re rich, even if u don’t do charitable contribution, at least don’t be an asshole.

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