The Alternate Ending- Little Red Riding Hood


It was a cold winter morning. A blizzard had been blazing since the first snowfall and it was the first day the world was still. All was gloomy and there was not a single lifeform in sight, except for a lone wolf wondering in the woods.

The wolf was weak with hunger, even his luxurious coat could not protect him from the cold. He was counting down to the day he’ll sleep and never wake if he can’t feed himself. His hopes were low as the blizzard has driven most animals to hiding and there wasn’t even a rabbit in sight. If only..

It was then he noticed a speck of red from a distance. “Blood! Food!” His eyes gleamed as he approach the red. Then he realise the Red was moving! He approached with caution, pressing himself low onto the snow. To his delight, it’s a little girl in a red cape! Normally he would not bother to hunt men as they put up a fight and sometimes they have these things that make a loud sound and these hurt him sometimes for weeks when he manage to run away from them. But today, he was desperate with hunger. Moreover, what harm can a little girl do?

He continue to pursue the girl with caution and when he was close enough, he pounced! Alas! The girl had heard him and jump away in time before he can sink his teeth into her and bolted ahead. As he was weak, he landed poorly, giving the girl a head start. He quickly recovered and chased after the girl.

Winter days are short and night was creeping. The wolf knew this was his advantage and continue chasing the girl on his brust of adrenaline. As he was catching up he notice the girl running into a cave. Aha! You’re trapped; or so the wolf thought.

As he dashed into the cave he tripped and soon found himself suspended in mid air. What’s going on!? I can’t move my limps!? The wolf was getting scared and confused. The girl in red reappeared; she was full of innocence but her words send chills in him.

“Such a beauty! a new fine cape it shall be!”, she chirped as she took delibrate small steps towards the creature, admiring her catch.

What the wolf didn’t know was the girl was raised in a family of poachers. They hunted animals for their hides and sold them off to rich foreign lands. In order not to damage the precious fur, the poachers often, curelly, skin the animals alive as the skin will come off clean from the flesh. Then, depending if they’re hungry, they either leave the damaged, helpless animals out to die or eat them for dinner.

As the girl approached the wolf, he looked into her eyes, beneath all that innocence all he could see was evil. He craned his neck, and gave his last howl into the dark winter night.

Everyday animals are killed for unnecessary human WANTS (yes it’s wants not needs); furs for clothes, horns and tusks for untrue medical remedies and ornamental purposes. More importantly what are we teaching the kids of the next generation when we consume such animal products.

We should start living for the next generation. You want your grandkids to not know how a rhino, elephant look lik in real life? At the rate the killing is going, extinction is inevitable.
Spread the word people! When the buying stops, the killing stops!

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