trustworthiness OR realiability

Usually people always assume a person who is trustworthy, is also reliable. But after a recent conversation i had with a friend, i realise that it’s not always the case.

Just because you can trust your friend 100%, it doesn’t neccessarily mean he or she will be there when you’re in need of help.

Like this situation, i have this friend i can totally trust with my deepest secret.  But i know when im in a dire situation, i don’t have enough belief that he will be one of first people to be there for me. you can trust a person but u don’t believe enough in them, does that make sense?

There’s bound to be cases where it’s the opposite, like u can’t trust someone that much but u know when u need somebody they’re always there. For such cases maybe u don’t trust the person because he or she can be a blabbermouth or something…like Lily from how i met your mother! Like we all know she can’t keep secrets, But she’s always there for her friends.

Anyway not saying i have shitty friends k! I love all my friends. Just saying that because of human nature, u can’t always get the best of both worlds

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