When one door closes, another opens

“If you find a job you like, you’ll never have to work a day!

Job search round 2 begins, let’s hope this time i get the right one. But for now, I’m pretty hopeful cos i’m more sure of what i want now!


Anyway I’ve been dreaming to go back Africa or travel to Brazil but (1) air flight and tours are expensive (2) if i go backpacking alone, i’ll probably die and my parents don’t even know what happen to me

then this thought suddenly strike me today and i went to google and Ta-Da!! i can go to these 2 places, with a more meaningful cause!
But first, i nidda go learn Swahili and Portuguese. And this is gonna be a plan i’ll do before i eventually settle down. Excited only!

p/s: i have never disliked a job, this is a first

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