5 min recipe: Nutella Bacon Wrap


Came across this article the other day for 31 ways to eat french toast diff n the 1st on the list was nutella-bacon french toast!

So it got me wondering bout the taste! but im too lazy to make french toast…its too much work! So i just used a wrap instead and it was da bomb,!!


Jus 3 ingredient and 5 mins u get a sweet and savoury bfast thats not too heavy in the morning!


pop the bacon in the toaster toast it till almost crispy, or anyway u lik it. Cutting the bacon into tiny pieces first will b easier and faster to cook through too


Spread ’em nutella on your wrap n dump your bacon on it and roll it up? Pop it in the toaster for bout 30secs and u’re done!

You’re welcome and now go enjoy and get fat lol

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