I’m not a fan of designer brands because..

1) I have no $$ (essentially i do but not loads of it)
2) I do like some designers but some i like are too high-end *refer to (1)*
3) I don’t see a need to indulge in high fashion goods except to show-off
4) I see some of these labels as inspirations really..point (1)

but i’m sure a lot people out there can afford these brands. But the embarrassing thing is, THEY DON’T GET THE NAMES RIGHT!

I find it hilarious because to me these people are really just showing off their wealth (or boyfriend’s /sugar daddy / father’s) and just appear very ignorant. Imagine u see a socialite carrying an Hermès and she pronounced it as “Her-mm-ss”. I don’t know bout you guys but immediately i just get this impression that the bag is either fake / the person trying too high to act high class.

Maybe it’s critical for me to judge people like that but brands are like people (essentially some of them are the designer’s names), so isn’t it basic courtesy to get the names right? anyway here’s three videos to properly teach you how to pronounce designer brand names! love the video in the first link by the way, showcases models donning designer pieces and pronouncing their names.

Anyway who’s your favourite/what brand is your favourite and your dream piece to own? comment below!


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