500 Days of Cha Tao <3

Previous saturday, which was 25th jan, my boy XM and i hit 500 days together! First off, we agreed not to celebrate monthsary cos if u rly think about it, sooner or ltr it’ll get a bit pointless #justsaying and #beentheredonethere. By going by 100days, somehow feels more meaningful and it feels kindda sweeter when say i lost count and XM surprises me hehe.

Anw din had like a major celebration or what, just went to a nice lil italian restaurant, Cicheti, which in my opinion, has better food than Jamie’s Italian (lo and behold~)


Authentic pizza baked in a wood oven. Homely and rustic


squid salad, super generous w the squid and if u search the “succuclent” in a dictionary, this pic will next to it. Its not like any squid i had before! Aweeeesome and perfectly seasoned


Papardelle with lamb ragu, because im a sucker for pasta. Besides their homemade pasta beats Jamie’s hands down! I dunno if it’s the cook or what but Cicheti’s pasta texture is just right! The ultimate comfort food~


Xm ordered the steak. And honestly, this steak sets the standard for medium-rare cook in SG. Swear i never had a perfect medium rare steak in sg before; mostly overcooked and dry. But this steak is woooots! Even xm cannot stop raving bout it!


Can’t rmb what is this called but it’s like creme brulee ice cream! Mad love it!!



I have to say, in these 500 days, there wasn’t a day Xm made me upset, hurt; just showering me with loads of love. Although smtimes he have his cha tao moments that made me mini-piss off but other than that, he’s the best that ever happen to me :)

But girls, this is a good example of “pursuing your own happiness”. Because i initiated chasing Xm *proud face*. Being the princess to wait for her prince charming to come is so yesterday. So don’t be afraid! Be confident of your self worth because u are never “not good enough” for somebody; unless u’re a mean evil bitch, because i don’t like mean people. Also that being said, don’t go thieving on other people alrd in a r/s ah

Anyways, thanks baby for tolerating my occasional moodswings always making me feel loved ^^ i hope im doing a good job as a gf also :p love u bibi!

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