3/365, in a baking mood


First bake of the year and i made this delish Choco Chip cheesecake cups w oreo base n salted caramel (the name is last warning de long) found the recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction and super got feel for it. Pretty easy recipe i must say


Make the oreo base


Thn make the cream cheese filling n top it on the base. Anw i finally got a hand mixer thats why im willing to make this. Imagine i had to mix this manually like how i always make my cheesecake n cheese frosting; biceps by the end of the baking session and imbalanced arms o.O


This is how it looks like inside.honestly its nice but its not lik omg-its-so-awesome-i-wanna-cry (my oreo fudge has that power) mayb i have to twerk (haha twerk) the recipe a bit uh. But u know nothing go wrong when u have salted caramel n oreo in a recipe *yum yum*

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