A new year with a new blog. I need tohav more commitment in blogging. It ‘s like primary school all over again because my english teacher made us write journal diaries and im just like mehhhhhh *pfft* but i guess having a blog now helps to remind me of life events (uh-huh, by talking to myself,ok can)

Ok, a new year, time for new resolutions.


1. Control monthly shopping expenses
     – like maximum $100/month

2. To have minimum $8000 in my acc by 31 dec 2014

3. Improve in waacking
     – more control in execution, attain battle calmness. With that said, get into top 4 in at least one battle

4. Mibxiy to get placings in competitions that we join

5. Get a full time job in marketing

6. Treat parents better
     – like spending more time with them

7. Be less angsty and more forgiving

8. Pick up dancehall/house

9. Inspire and influence more waackers to come out session, share and battle

10. Travel to compete in waacking and at least get into battle rounds

11. Improve my posture

Hopefully when i look back at the end of the year i would had achieved all if not at least those related to dance and my job! Jia you to me in the new year! Oshhhhhhhh!

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